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New Naturist Club 新天体会

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版塊介紹: Naturist Club for Men
* For male naturists who believe nudity is a healthy natural state.

* Our Missions - Your Visions
Appreciation on Naturism - promote healthy body concept
Organization of Naturist Events - facilitate leisure entertainment
Unionization of Naturists - interlink similar hobbyists

* Nudist Warning (Male adult only):
This naturist/nudist website contains information about
nudism/naturism. This nudist web and its activities are restricted to
and privileged for male adult only. Please leave if you age below 18
or not male nudist. Thank you.

* Nudist Disclaimer
Everyone self-responsible: Visitors/Participants are solely and fully
responsible. No one will assume responsibility or risks arising from
or in connection with this website.

* Nudist Events / Activities
We may organize Yoga Class; Massage Class; Body/Dance Workshop;
Photography Workshop; Others

* Contact Us
Moderator: Nicholas
eMail - naturist@live.hk
WeiBo - http://t.sina.com.cn/naturism
eGroup - http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/naturistclub/


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