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標題: Chinese New Year Dance Party - Pink Bunny [打印本頁]

作者: 小零    時間: 2011-2-2 03:38     標題: Chinese New Year Dance Party - Pink Bunny

PINK ALERT is proud to announce PINK BUNNY, a dance party to ring in the year as the Rabbit enters into 2011. And who doesnt love those adorable fluffy creatures?
With DJ Anil and K'lin both at the helm, you can be sure the night will be full of bouncing boy bunnies! So if you feel ike dressing it up, by all means come in your bunny costume. Be proud of who you are and we hope to see you at the party.
Music by DJ Anil & K'lin
Tickets: $200 Advance; $240 At the Door
Arrive before 12:30pm and get 1 Free ‘Pink Bunny’ Cocktail
Venue: TBA
Book advance tickets by calling 6222-0590 or 5129-4280
or by emailing

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